Masterplay PlayMaker

Masterplay Playmaker is a novelty in terms of program planning and playlist editing.

Program planning is unique, concise and simple thanks to the visual editor of Playmaker.

Shows can be scheduled and changed either independently or with template using drag and drop.

Since shows can be scheduled automatically by applying repetition rules, daily workload spent on editing the playlist is massively eased. The dynamic repetition rules even permit exceptions.

  • Visual program design
  • Short adjustment period due to use of standard user interface elements
  • VShows can be scheduled automatically by applying broadcast rules
  • Broadcast rules can contain any exceptions
  • Exceptions can be changed or deleted at any time
  • Comfortable editing of sub playlists to work efficiently
  • SegmentEditior
  • Real time display of playlist duration for perfect time control
  • User interface with different access restrictions
  • Shows can be scheduled into distant future
  • Supports any number of independent play back systems
  • Show templates for fast and secure working
  • Concise working thanks to freely definable event categories