Masterplay MultiZone

Masterplay MultiZone an all-purpose info system. MultiZone divides the screen into as many as ten zones, allowing you to display different information at the same time and in an appealing manner. Content and orders of the zones can be changed during operation without interrupting the display output. No special knowledge is required to generate content in an easy fashion.

Due to its low-maintenance design, a Masterplay MultiZone-System can easily be operated on the side during daily business. Furthermore Masterplay MultiZone supports an outstanding number of multimedia formats.

  • Run your own info channel in no time
  • Change content & layout without interruption
  • Supports all common graphic formats
  • Create content using PowerPoint
  • Low maintenance
  • Non-restrictive editing of the play list during play back
  • Screen can be divided into up to 10 independent output-zones
  • Controlled by the play list, zone layouts can be changed while output is in prograss
  • Most multimedia formats are supported: AVI, Quicktime, MPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, Powerpoint (if installed), Flash
  • Automatic handling of time gaps or overlaps
  • Conent can be controlled using play lists, dates, times and triggers
  • Files with different resolutions and bit rates can coexist in the same playlist
  • Setting of in & out points can be saved per clip as directly accessible segments
  • Processing of meta data in MPEG files
  • Independency due to saved meta data inside the clip files
  • Output of textual information for video clips in the playlist
  • Automatic fill-up of time periods with video or still pictures
  • VTR remote control for tape based play back (optoin)
  • Video mixer and GPI remote control (option)
  • Matrix / crossbar remote control (option)
  • Import and editing of external data (option)
  • VGA and / or video output in all resolutions
  • Remote control of connected devices
  • Display of external video signals