Masterplay EasyPlay

EasyPlay is a complete, professional play out system for MPEG 1, MPEG 2 and DVD video files as well as for still pictures in common graphic formats (JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, TGA, RTF).

The PC based system includes one or several integrated MPEG-2 decoders, which meet the high standards of broadcast studios.

EasyPlay lives up to its name since it is easy to use and the playback formats are highly flexible. In addition, numerous automatisms contribute to this professional video an sound playout system.

The integrated audio jukebox (WAV, MP2, MP3) provides background music for soundless videos. The SegmentEditor is available in the playlist and allows you to edit / trim video in an nonlinear fashion.

  • Non-restrictive editing of the play list during play back
  • Files with different resolutions and bit rates can coexist in the same play list
  • Different programs can be output independently to several channels (option)
  • Video clips can be played back while they are recording
  • Setting of in & out points can be saved per clip as directly accessible segments
  • Processing of meta data in MPEG files (option)
  • Output of textual information for video clips in the playlist
  • Flicker-free, smooth playback in highest quality on properly equipped computers
  • Redundant playback system (option)
  • Resuming of playback from the last known position
  • VTR remote control for tape based play back (option)
  • Video mixer and GPI remote control (option)
  • Matrix / crossbar remote control (option)
  • Real time subtitles (option)
  • Multilingual audio playback
  • HD and HDV output (option)
  • MPEG transport streams
  • File analysis
  • Playback over a network with appropriate bandwidth is possible
  • Pre-loading (Prefetch) of network files (option)