Masterplay Capture

Masterplay Capture is a fully automated video recording system without the need for tapes.

Video signals in PAL or NTSC format are recorded on the hard drive directly from video inputs (SDI, Composite, S-Video) or from cable or satellite connected to a TV tuner.

The system can be extended with further recording channels to save several shows at the same time.

If needed, the contents of a MPEG encoding can already be played back while it is still recording.

Masterplay Capture also administers additional content information such as titles, interpreters, actors and further meta data, which are embedded in the file. This embedded meta data eases your work and data exchange.

  • Records PAL and NTSC
  • Simultaneous multi-channel recording (option)
  • SDI and analog video / audio recording
  • Manual or automatic / time controlled recording
  • Recording from video input or from TV / Satellite tuner card
  • Real time MPEG 1 / 2 / 4 encoding
  • Administration of embedded meta data (option)