Masterplay FileTransfer

The FileTransfer software facilitates the manual or automatic data exchange over a network, the web or a phone connection (RAS).

Several special functions such as login with user name and password, data extraction from e-mails as well as bandwidth limitations define Masterplay FileTransfer as an essential tool.

The application’s possibilities are enormous due to its special functions.

  • Access and transfer of files from all common data sources
    • Computer to computer
    • FTP
    • POP3
    • RAS (phone)
    • ISDN
    • HTML
  • Options for „download only“ or „upload only“
  • Synchronization of folders and sub-folders
  • Filtering by file type
  • Integrated system clock synchronization
  • Actions can be activated manually, automatically or time controlled
  • Automatic unique filenames are created upon request and by dynamic rules
  • Detailed logfile
  • Delayed deleting during folder synchronisation
  • Bandwidth limitation possible
  • No limitation of the number of copy jobs